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  • The Key to Family Reunion Success
    Planning a successful family reunion can be overwhelming—you can almost imagine yourself drowning in all the details and decisions. Before you get too distressed, it makes sense to ask: what will make your family reunion successful? Although everyone has a different picture of the ideal event in their mind, most would agree that a successful […]

  • Turn Major Life Events into Family History Moments
    Many of the most meaningful and important moments in our lives can be recognized only in hindsight, like that chance meeting that eventually led to an engagement ring, that one classroom lesson that started you on a lifelong career path, or the random recipe you tried one night that turned into a long-standing family tradition. […]

  • DNA Testing at Family Reunions
    by Diahan Southard Lately, it seems to be very difficult to have any discussion on family history without mentioning three little letters: D-N-A. While family history enthusiasts and serious genealogists are flocking to testing companies like AncestryDNA to help them further their family history efforts, there are plenty of other individuals being tested who have […]

  • Creating Family Temple Traditions
    by Maddy Stutz Christmas Eve blanket forts and summertime puzzle building may not seem like the most meaningful of traditions, but in simple ways, these and other unique family traditions have brought me closer to the family that I adore, and I’m grateful for every loveable moment. Establishing family traditions that unite family members is […]

  • Streamlining Your Family History with Family Tree Lite
    In recent years, FamilySearch has added a variety of tools that can both enrich your tree and make your research experience faster and more productive. You can attach photos, list sources—and attach or link to them—submit names directly to the temple, use record hints, search partner sites, and more. FamilySearch’s Family Tree mobile app carries […]

  • How to Use Virtual Photo Storage
    by Ben Robison Photographs play an important role in preserving family stories. Where are you keeping yours? So many cloud-based photo storage options are available today that picking one can be a daunting task. Determining the best one depends on individual needs, but a few offer more features than just storage and thus stand out […]

  • Five Reasons to Digitize Your Family Photos
    by Logan Metcalfe Organizing and digitizing old boxes of photos is one of those jobs that most of us can do but that we seem never to get around to. Kind of like cleaning out our closets, it’s always something for another day. The key to digitizing your old memories is visualizing the benefits and […]

  • Six Steps to Digitizing Your Family Photos
    by Logan Metcalfe If you have boxes full of old photos, you’re not alone—billions of lonely family photos gather dust in closets and attics around the world. Even those of us too young to remember when a “camera roll” meant around 30 shots of film will soon inherit piles of printed photos from our parents. […]

  • Five Apps That Make Including Photos in Your Family Story a Cinch
    Photos and videos are an important part of family histories. More than just preserving names and dates like documents do, they offer more complete views of our ancestors’ lives and personalities. But making photos and videos a meaningful part of our family stories takes effort. If left in dusty boxes in the basement, photos are […]

  • Your Preservation Stories
    Preservation pays off—read stories of family discoveries people have made due to the preservation efforts of others. Piles of old documents sitting around in the attic. Old family keepsakes gathering dust. Each piece of your family’s past has a story to tell, but unfortunately, these stories can be forgotten or lost if steps aren’t taken […]