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  • Temple and Family History Consultant Planner
    A Tool to Help You Prepare Successful Family History Experiences As a family history consultant, you facilitate one-on-one, heart-turning family history experiences. To make it simpler to prepare and deliver personalized lesson plans, the Family History Department has created an online tool called the “consultant planner.” Using the planner, any member can help others have […]

  • Temple Opportunity Hints
    Nothing connects you with your ancestors like helping them receive sacred, essential temple ordinances. To help as many patrons have this experience as possible, FamilySearch periodically conducts automated searches to identify potential ancestor ordinances that appear to be ready to be performed in the temple. You may receive an email from FamilySearch that shares such an […]

  • Simple Steps to Preserve Your Precious Family Memories
    Almost every family has a collection of papers and artifacts that provides glimpses into their family story. These collections can include anything from great-grandpa’s war medal to a 200-year-old original birth certificate to a photo the family took last summer. While most families intend to pass these items on to their children and their children’s children, the […]

  • Family History Preservation: Preserving Scrapbooks, Family Bible and Other Books
    One of the most treasured family history possessions a person can inherit is a family Bible, sometimes complete with a front page with family names and dates going back generations. A close contender for the best family history possession might be a family scrapbook that could contain a collection of newspaper articles, photos, school report […]

  • Family History Preservation: Preserving Audiovisual Material
    While documents and photos can provide valuable insights into the lives of our ancestors, audio and video recordings give an even fuller look at family members by communicating their personalities through voice and visuals. That’s why many families have at least a small stash of audiovisual media, including such items as cassette tape interviews of […]

  • World War 1 Centennial Commemoration: Indexed Records Connecting Families
    by Diane Sagers, with Angelyn Hutchinson and Christine Armstrong April 6, 2017, marks the centennial of the entry of the United States into World War I. Millions of young American men registered for the draft, and nearly five million of them answered the call to duty. About 116,000 American military died during that war—nearly half […]

  • Family History Preservation: Preserving Artifacts
    The other articles in this series cover a variety of specific types of family history items. But what about family heirlooms that don’t fall into one of these tidy categories? These heirlooms could include a wide variety of objects of sentimental importance to a family, such as a baby blessing or christening dress, a piece […]

  • Family History Preservation: Preserving Electronic Information
    For many of us, the biggest threat to the safety of our family history information may not be papers yellowing with age or photos fading in the sunlight but instead the possibility of our computer crashing or our phone dying a painful death in the washing machine.  These days nearly everyone keeps important family information […]

  • Family History Preservation: Preserving Your Family’s Letters and Documents
    One thing every family seems to have is an abundance of papers. Stacks of paper can accumulate in basements, in desk drawers, and even on kitchen cupboards. Somewhere in the stacks of junk mail, kids’ school papers, and work assignments are often important family memorabilia. Besides your own family’s important papers, you might have collected […]

  • Family History Preservation: Preserving Photos
    Photos are usually among a family’s most treasured possessions—whether they are old black-and-white photos of distant relatives sitting in formal poses, staring solemnly at the camera, or more recent, brightly-colored photos of sun-kissed children on vacation, laughing as they glance backward at the camera. Our family photos tell stories, capture memories, and allow glimpses into […]