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  • Why Web Indexing
    by Allison Hadley Web indexing is here! Have you tried it yet? What do you think? If you’re not a fan or if it feels like we’re taking away your best friend and asking you to make a new one, this article is for you. We know we’ve invited you to change the way you […]

  • 5 Ways to Light the World with Family History
    Last year, over 1.7 million people came together to light the world during the month of December, sharing stories of faith, service, and love. This year, #LightTheWorld is back with 25 new ways to share the Savior’s light with everyone around you. Each day in December, will feature one of the Savior’s teachings along […]

  • 5 Ideas for Helping Others Find Joy in Temple and Family History Work
    by Kathryn Grant Have you seen someone’s eyes light up when they add an ancestor to Family Tree? Have you felt the power of someone’s testimony about doing temple work for a loved one beyond the veil? These are some of the sweetest experiences of helping others with temple and family history work. On the […]

  • FamilySearch Free Sign-in Offers Greater Subscriber Experiences and Benefits
    Beginning December 13, 2017, patrons visiting will see a prompt to register for a free FamilySearch account or to sign in to their existing account to continue enjoying all the free expanded benefits FamilySearch has to offer.  Since its launch in 1999, FamilySearch has added millions of users, billions of various historical records, and […]

  • Family History on the Sabbath
    The Sabbath day is a day of reflection, service, renewing of our covenants, and serving God and others. Prophets have always encouraged us to honor the commandment to keep the Sabbath day holy and improve our Sabbath day worship. In his April 2015 general conference address President Russell M. Nelson called the Sabbath a “delight.” […]

  • Mobile Access to the Consultant Planner
    The consultant planner is one of the most useful tools available in your work as a family history consultant or helper. It allows you to access member trees, prayerfully plan lessons, and monitor member progress as you help others have successful family history experiences. You can now access this planner in the FamilySearch Family Tree […]

  • What’s New: Map Your Ancestors
    I grew up hearing stories about my ancestors. As I learned the details of their lives, I wondered what it would be like to get a glimpse of their world. The Family Tree app recently added a feature that, in some cases, can help that become a reality by allowing you to map key events […]

  • Five Great Records about Your Military Ancestor
    by Katy Barnes Are you looking for a way to honor your American military ancestors this Veteran’s Day? How about using historical records to learn about them and their service? You can use various repositories, collections, and websites spanning many conflicts to find your soldier-ancestor. From the Revolution to World War II and later conflicts, […]

  • Completing Tasks on the FamilySearch Tree Mobile App
    There’s a reason family history is so important—taking some time out of each day to turn your heart to your ancestors can enrich your life, establish your identity, and strengthen your family. Thanks to new and constantly advancing technologies that are available today, it has become easier than ever to integrate family history moments into […]

  • What’s New: Logged-in Home Page
    Last year, FamilySearch updated the home page to make it a more personalized experience. These changes put your family memories and recommended tasks front and center, making it easier for you to connect with your ancestors. We’ve created a video to highlight the new features. You can watch the video below.   At a Glance […]